The Good Beer Guide to New England - Andy Crouch

Released May 2006

Andy Crouch
University Press of New England

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

My husband is an avid IPA fan, I prefer Hefs, pilsners and lagers. Given that, one of our favorite hobbies is touring breweries when we're on vacation. Andy Crouch's The Good Beer Guide to New England is an excellent resource for anyone who does want to visit New England's breweries.

Released in 2006, many of these breweries are still open, however you should check first before heading out. In Vermont, The Alchemist shut down because of flooding from the remnants of Hurricane Irene. They've since moved to a new location near Ben and Jerry's, and offer tours and tastings (they're only brewing Heady Topper), but there is no longer a restaurant. Rock Art Brewery has also moved to a larger facility, and Fiddlehead Brewing opened up in South Burlington. Vermont Brewers Association offers all the details and even have a passport that you get stamped at the different breweries in order to earn free prizes when you've toured at least four breweries.

I've used this book repeatedly when we've vacationed in Maine, New Hampshire or down in Cape Cod. It's an invaluable resource to the beer lover, particularly those whose tastes go behind the standard mass-production beers like Budweiser, Coors, Miller or Michelob. I highly recommend picking up a copy of The Good Beer Guide to New England and trying out the unique breweries found throughout New England.


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