Feed Your Best Friend Better - Rick Woodford

Released April 2012

Rick Woodford
Andrews McMeel Publishing

Book review by Tracy Farnsworth

Feed Your Best Friend Better: Easy, Nutritious Meals and Snacks for Dogs is a book that every pet owner should have. Increases in canine and feline cancers and diabetes prove that the food you find in stores isn't always the best option. Actually, unless you pay very close attention to the labels, most store-bought dog food is horrible stuff. While it may be cheaper, the veterinary bills you face down the road may not make it such a great deal in the long run. Learn how to prepare your own dog food and snacks so that your dog is getting food where you control the quality. Both you and your dog will be happier.

Rick Woodford created amazing recipes using advice from veterinary resources. Anyone interested in holistic treatments for dogs, or who use a holistic veterinarian, should pick up this book. I know some may scoff at that, but honestly, I think those who scoff at holistic medicine need to take a closer look. There are amazing things holistic veterinarians do that many veterinarians overlook. Case in point, our senior cat started having seizures four months ago. Trips to her vet found nothing wrong with her. Scans, blood work, etc. all turned out negative for any problems. We were told that the anti-seizure medications would likely damage her liver and that it was best to ride out the seizures since they were not frequent. After spending a lot of money, we had no idea what was wrong with her.

The seizures would hit like clockwork every three weeks, last for half a day, disappear completely, and she was back to normal. I started visiting holistic veterinary boards and stumbled across a post suggesting that sodium nitrates in some canned foods might cause seizures in older cats. We feed our cats California Natural dry food, so there were no nitrates in that food, but their canned food did in fact have nitrates in it. We immediately tossed that food out and waited. She's been seizure free for over a month now. There's a lot to be said for carefully monitoring your pet's diet.

Feed Your Best Friend Better starts with a complex look at the nutrients your dog needs. You'll learn how much to feed your dog, foods you need to avoid, and then work into recipes for meals and treats. As you feed your dog the different meals, just pay attention to what the dog does and doesn't handle. My brother's dog will throw up if he's given scrambled eggs, other dogs thrive on them.

There are recipes for dog cookies and full meals. There are pages devoted to feeding dogs with different ailments, such as arthritis, diabetes, and liver disease, With so many recipes, your dog will never grow bored, and you'll know your dog is getting healthy meals without preservatives and by-products.

I highly recommend Feed Your Best Friend Better and hope the author will consider creating a book for cats. I know I'd be first in line to buy a copy!


  1. Hi, I'm the author! Thanks for such a supportive review. I did however want to be sure to note that I am not actually a veterinarian, holistic or otherwise. However, my recipes were reviewed by a veterinarian and I utilized veterinary sources of information in developing my recipes.

    As for cats, I know that they are obligate carnivores. One of the best foods for them is made by Rad Cat. I've toured their kitchen and was very impressed with their operation. However, you can always share the duck hearts or good girl gizzards with your feline friends!

  2. My apologies, I read something somewhere that mentioned you were a holistic vet, but when I went back it said you were into holistic veterinary practices, so there is a definitely difference. So much for being productive in the morning... I have edited the review to clear that up.

    As for my cats, they hate any organ meat - hearts, gizzards, liver - they won't touch any of it. We have one though who loves raw cabbage and cauliflower, I'm not sure why, but if I'm chopping up cabbage and drop a piece, he'll run off with it every time. He's the cat who also hates seafood, duck, beef, lamb, pork... The only foods he will eat are either California Natural Chicken or Taste of the Wild Chicken.

    I've never heard of Rad Cat and it's apparently not sold anywhere near me, so I'd have to order it online, which given that it's raw food, I'd really have to look into how it's shipped.


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