Creative Cooking for the Global Kitchen - David Marteau

Released February 2012

Chef David Marteau
Global Chef Publishing

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

I won't lie. There are some really odd combinations found in Creative Cooking for the Global Kitchen. I'm all for being adventurous in the kitchen, but some combinations I've seen in my years have been way out there. Sometimes, they really work, but there are other combinations I've tried that have been horrible. I got that feeling while looking over the recipes in Chef David Marteau's cookbook.

The chef begins the cookbook by offering insight into his travels and really what makes him tick in the kitchen. I appreciate this background. I always like to get to know a chef before I start trusting in his or her recipes. After that, the cookbook begins where many comprehensive cookbooks should - appetizers. Each recipe includes a photograph, something I find invaluable. Stand out recipes for me included the Shrimp Tempura with Japanese Coleslaw and the Crab Cakes with Cucumbers and Chipotle Mayonnaise. I wasn't sold on the Tuna Carpaccio with Mango Salsa and White Chocolate Mascarpone. Tuna with mango is fine, but throwing in white chocolate really is just overkill in my book.

The book progresses into soups (try the stock recipes), salads, dressings, risottos, pasta, meat, poultry, fish, side dishes and desserts. I highly recommend trying the recipe for Chocolate and Coconut Risotto, it's amazing. The Chicken Curry recipe is also fantastic. I'm a huge fan of monkfish (the fish that North Sea fishermen used to call garbage fish because customers wouldn't touch it) and can't wait to try the Monkfish Osso Bucco, but finding monk in my area is challenging.

Heading into the side dishes, I wasn't sure the Apricot Ratatouille would work, but it's become my favorite ratatouille recipe. That brings me to desserts. The author admits he's not a pastry chef. Pastries and baking is a hobby to me. Given that, his recipe for Chocolate Salami is incredible unique and very tasty. Serve the decadent Chocolate Salami with a recipe he includes for Chocolate Martinis and you have an amazing finish to your meal.

Despite the somewhat odd pairings, I was delighted with many of the recipes in Creative Cooking for the Global Kitchen. If you love cooking, you should pick up a copy of David Marteau's book.


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