Redwood Bend - Robyn Carr

Released February 28, 2012

Robyn Carr

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Moving from Vermont to California is challenging for any woman, but moving twin five-year-old sons all the way across the country is extremely challenging. Katie Malone knows she needs to be closer to her brother, Connor (Hidden Summit 1/12) so that her boys have a male role model. She never expects to deal with a flat tire and meet her dream man all in one night though.

If there's one thing Dylan Childress knows, it's that he is not the marrying kind. His parents went through more marriages than he can count and developing a lasting relationship is just not in his DNA. Yet, if Dylan could ever settle down, he's pretty sure Katie is the woman he'd want. Changing her flat is just the start of what could change his life forever.

Redwood Bend definitely tugged at the heartstrings. I liked Katie's character. She's been through a lot with her military husband dying before their boys were born, dealing with the fall out of her brother's stint as a key witness that put them both in the witness protection program and trying to be the best mother possible to very rambunctious boys. Dylan, for me, was a little harder to like because he's so hung up on his parents fault that he can't see he's nothing like them. It's really his insecurity that forms the heart of the tension in this book. Most readers will agree that it's hard to put the book down until you know that he's going to get it right.

This is the second in a series and the characters in April's release make an appearance in this book. I can't wait to see how things work out for them.


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