Going Off Topic: Alton Brown

I'd planned to have another book finished today, however life got in the way again. Alton Brown and Hannaford proved to be my undoing this time.

It's no secret that I love to bake. When I found a bunch of red bananas at Hannaford for less than normal bananas, I decided to buy them up. Then, I found walnuts in their bargain bin and bought those too. Bananas and walnuts -- well they were just begging me to turn them into bread. I love banana bread.

Usually, I go with the recipe in my breast cancer cookbook, but I've discovered I prefer baking by weight rather than standard cup, tablespoon or teaspoon measurements. Alton Brown's cookbooks are all set up by weight. Pulling out my trusty Kitchenaid - it's pink and I don't care if pink goes with my gray/green kitchen, $50 from every sale goes to the Susan Komen Foundation, so it's important to me to only buy the pink mixer.

Anyway, his recipe for banana bread uses oat flour. I didn't have any oat flour on hand, but I did have steel-cut oats, so I put them in the blender until they were flour so all was good. In the end, I'm delighted to say that this is the best recipe for banana bread I've come across. It's moist, flavorful and the addition of oats gives it a little something extra. I highly recommend any of Alton Brown's cookbooks specifically because he does list everything by weight. If you don't have a scale, he also gives cups/spoon equivalents.


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