Chocolate Passion: Recipes and Inspiration from the Kitchens of Chocolatier Magazine - Tish Boyle & Timothy Moriarty

Released October 1999

Tish Boyle


Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Granted, Chocolate Passion is an older cookbook. It is, however, about one of my very favorite foods - chocolate. Chocolate Passion is a collection of recipes taken from Chocolatier Magazine, now Dessert Professional. You'll find everything in here from cakes to ice creams and cheesecakes to cookies. There are also dozens of color pictures to go with the decadent recipes.

There are recipes for milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. The variety is one thing I appreciate, though I admit, I jumped right to the dark chocolate treats. The very first thing I decided to make was the cover shot, the chocolate-raspberry cake. I love dark chocolate and raspberries together.

Recipes are set up to make them very easy to follow. I think anyone who can read and measure will have no problem with some of these recipes. That said, I do have one issue with this cookbook, all measurements are in cups and teaspoons. Any professional will say that weight measurements are the only way to ensure accuracy. I've done experiments in my own kitchen. I'm pretty skilled in the kitchen, but even I've had recipes fail when using cup/teaspoon measurements. When using weights, I've never had a recipe not come out perfectly. For that reason, I'd much rather have a cookbook give me the option of choosing between recipes using weight versus cup measurements.

That said, the recipe for the chocolate-raspberry cake was good. I did have to toy with measurements a little to get the batter to the consistency I felt was correct. I find store brand flours tend to require a little extra per cup than when I'm using local King Arthur flour products.

In the end, I loved looking at Chocolate Passion and there are recipes that made my mouth water, but when it comes to baking, I'm still going to stick to Alton Brown or my Le Cordon Bleu cookbooks.


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