April's Fool - Blanche Marriott

Released February 2012

Blanche Marriott
Avalon Romance

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Every year, April Vaillancourt and her friends gather to pull an April Fools prank. The best prankster gets a free meal. As her friends are all in married or getting married, talking about being in love and considering children, April decides she wants to prove she has a special someone too. After a miserable relationship that ended up in a broken heart, she really wants to show her friends that she can move on without Stan. Putting her photo editing skills to good use, she creates a wedding album that fools all of her friends and wins her the free meal. The wedding album, however, gets left behind.

Michael Goode is stunned when his co-worker comes in with a wedding album. Michael is certain he's never met the bride and cannot imagine how she got the pictures of him. With a little investigative work, Michael learns who the "bride" is and decides to pay her a visit. He never expects sparks to fly. After a little thought, Michael realizes he could put this fake marriage to good use by convincing his soon-to-retire boss who has strong family values that he's married. It might just land him the promotion he wants, IF he can convince April to play along.

April's Fool is quite charming. The chemistry between the couple is apparent from the start. While the relationship is initially built on a lie, the couple start to realize that there's an undeniable attraction. The problem is neither wants to admit that they're falling head over heels in love.

This is author Blanche Marriott's third novel and it's very impressive. I'll have to go check out her backlist because I really enjoyed her writing style. If you're looking for a lighthearted romance, you won't go wrong with April's Fool.


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