Good Girls Don't - Victoria Dahl

Released September 2011

Victoria Dahl

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

After her family's pub and brewery is burglarized, Tessa Donovan can't help but notice Detective Luke Asher. Her brothers may warn her off him, but Tessa finds Luke to be irresistible. He can't be all bad can he?

Luke isn't fond of his co-workers thinking he's the father of his partner's soon-to-be born child, but he's not about to turn his back on her either. He knows that Tessa's brothers think he's scum, but he's determined to make things work with Tessa, even if it means sneaking around behind their backs. As things heat up with Tessa, he starts to wonder if he'll ever be able to win their trust.

Meanwhile, there's a case to solve. Someone stole the brewery computers and it's up to Luke to find out who took them and why.

Good Girls Don't hooked me from the start. It's obvious that Tessa's brothers are hugely overprotective, and there is a reason that readers will learn about as they delve into the book. The mystery regarding Luke's partner's baby also serves as a secondary storyline. I liked Tessa and Luke's chemistry and couldn't wait to see how things ended.

One thing that struck me instantly is that I need to see Tessa's brothers get their own stories. I'm looking that up as I type this to make sure this is the first of a trilogy, and it is. There are two additional books released this fall that match each brother with a woman. I'll need to find those two novels. I also hope that at some point, Luke's partner finds her own special someone.


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