The Bentleys Buy a Buick - Pamela Morsi

Released August 2011

Pamela Morsi

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

One thing jumped out at me the minute I started reading The Bentleys Buy a Buick. This isn't your ordinary romance. The hero and heroine are a happily married couple with a home, business and loving son. There's no development of a new relationship to get past. If you've always read romances and wished you could see what happened after the couple married, here's your chance.

After years of being a stay-at-home mom, Erica Bentley's back at work. She learns quickly that gossip rules the office and that the demands of working, parenting and keeping house are not as easily balanced as one might hope. Her husband, Tom, is equally busy running his auto garage that specializes in classic cars. He has a bigger problem on his plate. He learns his best friend is having an affair, and Tom is torn between telling the man's wife or hoping the man comes to his senses before he has to fire him and let the truth come out. He's also busy restoring a Buick Roadster for an elderly woman who really hopes Tom will want to buy her "Clara" after putting so much work into her.

Soon, the gossips in the office have targeted Erica due to her friendship with one of the doctors in the hospital where she works. They decide to start gossiping about Erica's marriage being in trouble. It doesn't take much before Erica fears Tom may be having an affair with "Clara." She's determined to fight for her man, no matter what it takes.

Because The Bentleys Buy a Buick does involve a married couple who are well into an established marriage, I really enjoyed the focus. Granted, I also, at times, wanted to knock some sense into both Tom and Erica because their secretive behavior was driving a wedge into their marriage and neither seemed smart enough to realize it. With the mix of humor and romance, I found myself really enjoying each page and hoping the author will consider writing other stories about married couples in the future. It was an exciting change of pace.


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