Balancing Act - Patricia Davids

Released August 2011

Patricia Davids

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

After a crash on snowy roads leaves ballerina Cheryl Steele with a broken foot, she has no choice but to recuperate while her ballet director recasts her starring role in a ballet version of Alice in Wonderland. During her recovery, Cheryl agrees to help with her rescuer's twin daughters. There's one problem, Cheryl's back in a town she left long ago due to a troubled childhood. If Sam Hardin learns her real identity, he may not look as kindly upon having her as a house guest.

Meanwhile, Sam's five-year-old twins are hoping that Cheryl decides she loves them all so much that she never wants to leave. When things don't look to be working in their favor, they decided to try to force the adults in their lives to realize they were meant to be a family.

Balancing Act is a cute, quick romance. During the busy holidays when a quick read is the best option, Patricia Davids story is both heartwarming and moves swiftly to the final page. This is a Harlequin Heartwarming novel, a reissue of a Love Inspired novel. It's suitable to any reader looking for a gentle romance without sex or violence.

With well developed characters and great chemistry because the adults and children, readers will enjoy this cozy tale of romance.


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