Angry Birds: Bad Piggies' Egg Recipes: Various

Released December 2011

Rovio Mobile

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

There's no doubt that Angry Birds have become an incredibly popular game, leading to a line of stuffed toys, apparel and other goods. Now comes a cookbook that features the one thing the piggies covet -- eggs.

This whimsical cookbook is filled with egg recipes. Recipes range from breakfast dishes to omelets suitable for lunch of dinner. With 40 recipes in all, there are dishes to suit every taste and budget. I admit, I wasn't sold on a cookbook that features nothing but egg recipes, but then I came across one that is so simple, yet so delicious that I realized there's more to this cookbook than I was expecting.

This recipe is very simple and involves pouring a couple teaspoons of heavy cream into a greased custard cup , even a muffin tin will do, and then breaking an egg into it. Sprinkle the top of the egg with salt, pepper, chives and cheese and bake until the yolk is set. It's so easy, yet so incredibly delicious.

You don't have to be an Angry Birds fan (though I admit I am) to find enjoyment in this cookbook. If you need a few ideas on unique holiday dishes that don't take long to prepare or cook, Angry Birds: Bad Piggies' Egg Recipes is perfect.


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