Until There Was You - Kristan Higgins

Released November 2011

Kristan Higgins

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

In high school, Posey Osterhagen fell head over heels for the high school bad boy, Liam Murphy, until the day he completely ruined her prom. Though the pair never even dated, the things Liam said stuck with Posey. Now he's back in town with a daughter in tow and Posey fears she'll fall for him all over again. Staying away from him would be so much easier if her parents hadn't opened their arms and German restaurant to both Liam and his daughter.

The harder Posey tries to avoid Liam, the more she finds herself spending time with him and falling all over again. Now he's a widower, and he definitely puts his daughter first, so even if things fell into place, would Liam even want someone like Posey in his life?

Until There Was You is not a bad read, but I don't know that it's one of my favorites by Higgins. The chemistry between Liam and Posey works well. I loved the many of the minor characters, including her brother and his partner. It was Liam's in-laws that drove me nuts. For a "bad biker boy," I really expected to see him stand up for himself more often. The other issue is that Posey, very similar to Liam, also lets everyone take center stage and never puts herself first. From her witchy cousin who I really never liked to Posey's idiot ex-boyfriend, everything she does is to please them. She's almost too nice and I really would have liked to see her completely flip on someone, just once.

The wit and humor that go hand in hand with Higgins writing is still strongly in place. That's half of what makes me love her books so much. Many of her characters call it as they see it and don't mind saying so and it's for those moments that I couldn't stop reading.


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