Craving Perfect - Liz Fichera

Released July 25, 2011

Liz Fichera
Carina Press

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

It's short and sweet, but I really did enjoy Craving Perfect. At under 300 pages, it takes little time to read this romance, but I like quick stories, especially in the busy holiday season. I think many readers will understand the main character, Grace Mills, she's not perfect but really wants to be. Anyone, teen or adult who's ever muttered "I wish I looked like her..." has been in Grace's shoes.

Grace Mills, owner of a popular bakery/coffee shop, is tired of having big feet and an extra 30 pounds that just won't go away. She wants to catch the eye of the gym hottie, Max, but falling off the treadmill isn't the best way to do it. Humiliated, she heads home to hide out for a few days before trying again. What she doesn't know is that she has caught the eye of Carlos, one of the gym's employees, and he just wishes she would notice him and not that arrogant Max who does little more than ridicule Grace behind her back.

Soon Grace finds herself in an alternate reality thanks to a seemingly magical treadmill. In this new world, she's not only a perfect size two, but she's also engaged to Max. Sometimes, being perfect isn't as much fun as it seems...

Craving Perfect is a fun read. I find it annoying when size eight women think they're too fat, so I was afraid I'd dislike Grace, but she turned out to be someone I felt a connection with from virtually the first page. I think you need to keep an open mind as to how Grace g travels between the two realities because it's highly implausible, especially in the beginning, that she did bounce back and forth between the two worlds simply by hopping on a treadmill, but towards the end I came up with an explanation that worked for me and that's really all that mattered.


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