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Fall From Pride - Karen Harper

Released July 26, 2011 Karen Harper Harlequin Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth Fall From Pride is a gripping romantic suspense, but it almost has a strong mystery/suspense storyline that makes me think mystery readers will enjoy it.  It's also the first book in Karen Harper's "A Home Valley Amish" series. I'm thrilled there will be two more stories because I'm curious to see how the author resolves a few things in future novels. Sarah Kauffman loves painting and her series of Amish quilt square paintings done on the side of local barns is drawing attention. However, when an arsonist burns down one of the barns, arson investigator Nate MacKenzie heads into Amish country to investigate. When a second barn burns to the ground, it becomes clear that someone holds a grudge, but is that grudge with the Amish or with Sarah? Nate being an Englisher and Sarah being Amish poses a problem in terms of their developing any kind of relationship. If Sarah and Nate

The Last Icon - Steven Travers

Released November 15, 2011 Tom Seaver Steven Travers Taylor Trade Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth Many baseball fans know the name Tom Seaver. I won't call myself a MLB fan, but I grew up with a brother who followed the Red Sox almost religiously and later married another die-hard fan. For virtually all of my life, like it or not, I've been immersed in baseball since I was a young child. Tom Seaver really played for the Mets. While his career ended with the Red Sox, he was a Met's player from 1967 to 1977. What follows in The Last Icon is a look at Seaver's childhood, college years and progression into a very long run in MLB. There are things in The Last Icon that really kind of shocked me. It's hard not to pay attention to the salaries some athletes make.  In comparison, Seaver was one of the lowest paid I've come across. Author Steven Travers, also a MLB player, lists Seaver's salary over the 20 years he was with the Mets, Reds, White Sox and Re

Craving Perfect - Liz Fichera

Released July 25, 2011 Liz Fichera Carina Press Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth It's short and sweet, but I really did enjoy Craving Perfect . At under 300 pages, it takes little time to read this romance, but I like quick stories, especially in the busy holiday season. I think many readers will understand the main character, Grace Mills, she's not perfect but really wants to be. Anyone, teen or adult who's ever muttered "I wish I looked like her..." has been in Grace's shoes. Grace Mills, owner of a popular bakery/coffee shop, is tired of having big feet and an extra 30 pounds that just won't go away. She wants to catch the eye of the gym hottie, Max, but falling off the treadmill isn't the best way to do it. Humiliated, she heads home to hide out for a few days before trying again. What she doesn't know is that she has caught the eye of Carlos, one of the gym's employees, and he just wishes she would notice him and not that arrogant M

Happy Haul-idays from Chronicle Books

With the holidays approaching faster than many of us would like, it's time for Chronicle Books "Happy Haul-idays" contest. For those who didn't hear of this amazing festivity last year, Chronicle awards one lucky reader and one lucky book review blogger with the chance to win $500 in books. This year, they're adding a third winner - the blogger chooses a favorite charity to receive $500 in free books. Most children and adults love books, so if you're anything like me, the thought of $500 in free books is enough to make me giddy! However, I learned about 10 years ago that not every child receives encouragement to read. My neighbor's son was 10 years old and had bounced from school to school without learning how to read more than toddler books. His reading and spelling skills were atrocious. By spending a lot of time in our house surrounded by books, he discovered Gary Paulsen's books and developed a passion for reading. The Children's Literacy Fou

The Bull Rider's Secret - Marin Thomas

Released July 2011 Harlequin Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth Brody Murphy's secret is what keeps him on the move. He doesn't call any specific place home and he's as happy as he can be traveling from rodeo to rodeo. His winnings provide him with just enough cash to move to the next location. He never expects to befriend a teen boy and end up working for the boy's mother. When Kat's ranch hands walk off the job because they refuse to take orders from a woman, she fears she could lose her job as the ranch foreman. Hoping to keep up with her duties, she offers Brody a job. She never expects to fall in love with him, however, and he's not exactly the staying kind. The Bull Rider's Secret is a short and sweet romance that takes little time to read but leaves you happy you spent time with Brody, Kat and her son. There's some conflict, but it doesn't mask the growing attraction between Kat and Brody. Over all, this is a fun read that most Harlequin

Until There Was You - Kristan Higgins

Released November 2011 Kristan Higgins Harlequin Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth In high school, Posey Osterhagen fell head over heels for the high school bad boy, Liam Murphy, until the day he completely ruined her prom. Though the pair never even dated, the things Liam said stuck with Posey. Now he's back in town with a daughter in tow and Posey fears she'll fall for him all over again. Staying away from him would be so much easier if her parents hadn't opened their arms and German restaurant to both Liam and his daughter. The harder Posey tries to avoid Liam, the more she finds herself spending time with him and falling all over again. Now he's a widower, and he definitely puts his daughter first, so even if things fell into place, would Liam even want someone like Posey in his life? Until There Was You is not a bad read, but I don't know that it's one of my favorites by Higgins. The chemistry between Liam and Posey works well. I loved the many of