Significant Changes to the NEC 2011 - Jim Dollard and Michael Johnston

Released August 2010

Delmar Cengage Learning

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Significant Changes to the NEC 2011 highlights all major changes in the National Electrical Code. The format of this reference guide makes it easy to find exactly what you need when you need it. Everything is laid out to be as simple as possible with color photographs, quick summaries and then detailed sections that cover each change in as much detail as possible. At the top of the page is a quick symbol that categorizes the change whether it is a new entry, relocated entry, revision or deletion.

For example, one of the changes regards Locking and Indicating (225.52 C and D). A shaded box presents the language of that code and below that is a box that summarizes what the change entails. To the left is a longer section that details the importance of that change. In this case, the change allows an electrician to "lock" disconnects in an "open position without the use of a special locking device." 

A sample of significant changes or additions include:
Height of Working Space
Raceway Seals
Concrete-encased Electrodes
Ground-fault Protection of Equipment
Simultaneous Presence of Flammable Gases and Combustible Dust

The reference guide starts with a table of contents, goes into each change and then ends in a detailed appendix.The lay-out makes it easy to follow and quickly helps you find what you need.

The reference guide is a little bulky at almost 8 by 12 inches. It's not going to be a book that easily fits in a tool box, but it is one you should keep available at all times.


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