Lethal - Sandra Brown

Released October 2011

Sandra Brown
Grand Central Publishing

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

If you haven't read any reviews for Lethal yet, avoid Amazon's reviews. I made that mistake before starting the book and two give away major plot twists.

I loved the premise behind Sandra Brown's latest. Lethal follows the drama and mystery surrounding a warehouse shooting. Lee Coburn is suspected of killing seven men at a trucking company and is on the run. Police, FBI agents and a mysterious entity known only as "The Bookeeper" all want him found.

Honor Gillette, a widow, is preparing cupcakes for her father-in-law's birthday celebration when her four-year-old daughter announces there is a sick man outside. Honor goes to investigate and finds Lee. He takes both Honor and her daughter hostage. Her husband hid something of great value before his death, and the car accident that took his life may not have been an accident at all. Honor feels as though she has no choice but to stick with Lee until the truth is revealed.

As usual, I found it hard to put Lethal down. Even when ten-hour work days meant I had to stop reading, I found myself wondering how the book would play out. I'm glad this week has been a little less crazy leaving me time to fit in some reading.

Now that I'm finished, I had a hard time with a few things. Without giving spoilers, I just need to say that "The Bookeeper's" identity baffles me. I didn't see it coming and quite honestly, I don't think it fits at all.

The other complaint involves the ending. I think that there may be more to come, but I'm not sure. I can't find anything about Lee Coburn to suggest this is a first in a series, but the ending really makes me wonder.


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