Two I Didn't Finish for Reasons I'll Explain

I'd expected a quiet summer with a son preparing to narrow down his college options and a daughter finding work babysitting. That didn't happen, nor did the promises that they'd do the majority of the housework and laundry so that I had more time to work. I've been working a lot for sites like Populis Creates, Wikio and Demand Studios, as well as writing and editing for a few companies on Amazon MTurk and setting up a writing team for a new editorial position with an online web directory.

Given that, I have two books I'd started reading and meant to finish so that I could get the reviews posted, but the publishing companies took the ebooks down this week and I've only half read them. I thought I had 60 days, but apparently they'd only given me a 30 day license, so my bad.

Given that, I'd like to promote them anyway.

Jill Marie Landis writes romance novels and I've always loved Come Spring and Summer Moon. I was eager to read her new mystery Mai Tai One On. I was a few chapters into the book, so I have no idea how it ends. What I do know is that the beginning was enthralling.

Em Johnson runs her uncle's tiki bar because her divorce left her finances in bad shape. Things go haywire when the body of a man is found in their luau pit. Worse, the dead man is not one of Em's or her uncle's favorite people. When the investigation looks at her uncle as a possible suspect, Em decides she needs to try to unravel the mystery.

T. Marie Benchley's  Once Wicked Always Dead was a different story. I'd tried to start reading it but just couldn't get into the story. It sounds great - a woman's parents die, she learns her husband is having an affair, so she leaves her jet-set lifestyle and heads to Montana to run her family's ranch. Things aren't much better there because developers want the land and will do anything to drive her away.

It sounds right up my alley, but after a number of attempts to get past the first chapter, I had to switch to something else for a while. I'd hoped that a break might be all I needed, but now I'll never know.


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