The Surgeon's Surprise Twins - Jacqueline Diamond

Released October 2011

Jacqueline Diamond

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Bailey Wayne's pregnancy is advancing faster than she expected. Since agreeing to be a surrogate for her older sister, Bailey's been forced to pay her medical bills because her sister and brother-in-law are waiting to finish a huge deal before they have cash flow. In exchange, they're letting Bailey live rent-free in an investment property.

Bailey is shocked when Dr. Owen Tartikoff shows up at her house planning to move in. He's co-owner but sharing the house with a doctor who goes out of his way to be miserable to his staff isn't Bailey's idea of fun. Unfortunately, she has no other option, she can't afford rent and her bank account is drained leaving her without cash for medical appointments either.

Owen has his own secrets. His brother and sister-in-law never told Bailey that they asked him to donate sperm. When he agreed, he didn't know a surrogate was involved. The more he time he spends with Bailey, the more he comes to love her. When he learns she has no money left for medical doctors and that they've been making her pay the bills, he insists on performing a prenatal check and ultrasound for free.  That's all it takes for him to realize that giving up his children will not be easy, especially when he's falling in love with their mother.

The Surgeon's Surprise Twins is another offering from the Safe Harbor series. If you've been following the series, you'll enjoy catching up with previous characters. If you're new, Owen and Bailey's story does work as a stand-alone novel.

I was expecting to really dislike Owen. His character has been horrible in previous novels, yet I really grew to admire him. Bailey I've always liked, but her sister, Phyllis, is a piece of work. I really hope she disappears from future stories because she's just a nasty person. Jacqueline Diamond does excel at creating characters you either love or hate. If Ms. Diamond decides to include Phyllis in a future novel, I'll be curious to see if she can make her likable given her actions and attitudes throughout this book.


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