Heartstrings and Diamond Rings - Jane Graves

Released October 2011

Jane Graves
Hachette Book Group

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Alison Carter is sick of failed relationships. After her latest beau suggests they add her friend to their bed, Alison gives up. She decides to spend some money and rely in the services of a highly-recommended matchmaking service.

Brandon Scott's grandmother died leaving him in control of her matchmaking business. Brandon knows real estate, not dating, but he needs the money to make a down payment on an old warehouse. He knows the area is prime for apartments. He decides to play role of matchmaker and collect as much money as possible before anyone realizes he's a fraud. What he doesn't expect is to find himself falling in love with his very first client.

Now that Brandon has fallen for Alison, he's stuck. If he admits he's a fraud, he'll lose his money. If he continues setting her up on matches, he may lose the only woman who's ever set his heartstrings humming.

Heartstrings and Diamond Rings is another great entry into Jane Graves' titles. I liked both Alison and Brandon, but I admit that it was Alison's friend Heather (Tall Tales and Wedding Veils) who really had me snickering. She's definitely one to call it as she sees it and that means no holding back where Brandon's concerned. I also really enjoyed Alison's father because he is brutally honest. It's refreshing to have characters really speak their minds.

This is a fast, fun read that is certain to keep you entertained.


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