Soldier on Her Doorstep - Soraya Lane

Released July 2011

Soraya Lane

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Despite his military training preparing him for impossible situations, Alex Dane is as tortured a hero as you'll find. His family died when he was young leaving him to move from one foster home to another. He watched a close friend die in the field. Now he's at William Kennedy's home to deliver a bundle of personal items to William's widow. Alex's plan is to arrive, give his condolences and leave. However, William's wife, Lisa, has other plans.

Sensing that Alex has no where to go, she invites him to move into the cottage in her back yard. She needs someone to fix it up and her daughter, virtually mute since William died, seems to have taken a shine to Alex. Lisa hopes that Alex will get her daughter to talk openly again and maybe he'll start to feel at peace. What Lisa doesn't expect is to fall head over heels for the quiet man, but she does and she's confused if it's finally time to move on with her life as William would have wanted.

Soldier on Her Doorstep simply took my breath away. While I first wondered what kind of woman would invite a stranger into her home, Lisa's unique qualities come through clearly. It soon becomes apparent that she simply needs someone around because it's how she is. Sure, she's a little too trustworthy, but as her romance with Alex takes off, it was fun watching Alex be forced to come to terms with his past and realize that he was the only thing holding himself back.

As a category romance, Soldier on Her Doorstep is a quick read. It's under 200 pages and doesn't take long at all. Yet, it felt like a full romance packed with incredible depth and great characters. I read lots of Harlequin and Silhouette romances and Soraya Lane's latest brought tears to the eyes and left me feeling that "wow" factor that I love to get after finishing a romance novel.


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