An O'Brien Family Christmas - Sherryl Woods

Released October 2011

Sherryl Woods

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Readers head to Ireland for An O'Brien Family Christmas. I admit that having finished Susie and Mack's story, I was eager to join them on their honeymoon abroad. The O'Briens are not your typical family, so the entire family heads to Ireland with Grandma Nell leading the way.

If you're new to the series, you'll catch up quickly, but I highly suggest going back and reading past stories. Grandma Nell plays an important role in this family whether it is matchmaking or simply letting her children or grandchildren vent their frustrations. She's long been a favorite character. In An O'Brien Family Christmas, Grandma Nell is reunited with the man she left behind.

The main romance within the latest Chesapeake Shores novel involves Laila and Matthew. Laila's grown up with a domineering father who thinks her relationship with the much younger Matthew is bringing shame to her and her family's bank. After quitting her position with the bank, Laila also leaves Matthew because she's certain that it could never last.

As the O'Briens head to Ireland, they talk Laila into joining them. Matthew hopes he can prove that he's matured and ready for a serious relationship. Laila hopes she can avoid Matthew while in Ireland and simply enjoy a trip she's always dreamed of taking.

I won't say Laila's been my favorite character, as a grown woman, I really expected to see her stand up to her parents and follow her heart without a lot of fussing over what others might think. After a while, I came to see her viewpoint though and settled into the story.

An O'Brien Family Christmas is shorter than other Chesapeake Shores novels. At just over 280 pages, it's a quick read but also a satisfying one. All in all, it's a solid romance that opens doors for future romances.


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