Never Enough - Lauren Dane

Released September 2011

Lauren Dane

I know I've said this before, but I think readers need to know that erotica is the one genre that I find very hit or miss. Many stories I read seem intent on jumping right into the sex without building much of a plot. Lauren Dane is one of two erotic romance authors that I really enjoy.

Never Enough is another story in the series surrounding the Brown siblings. Brody Brown stepped in to raise his younger siblings after their parents' deaths. In Never Enough, Brody's younger brother Adrian finds his true love and learns a few surprises along the way.

Gillian Forrester adopted her drug-addicted sister's infant when she was just 21. Thirteen years later, Gillian is the only mother Miles knows and they have an incredible relationship. When Gillian's sister dies, she makes Gillian promise that she'll find Miles' father and tell him he has a son.

While Gillian fears that she could lose her son, she also intends to keep her promise. She tracks down rock star Adrian Brown and informs him he's a dad. The problem is that he's convinced she's just another groupie after his money. Adrian's siblings realize there's more to Gillian than he thinks and they encourage him to find out if he is, in fact, a father. Adrian isn't prepared to meet with Gillian, fall head over heels and want this ready-made family to last.

Never Enough is quite charming. The story focuses on Gillian and Adrian's growing romance, but the author also turns the focus to some of today's musicians. It's obvious who the author listens to as she writes, though I admit after seeing the lyrics to Etta James, I'm surprised the Muse remake wasn't on that list, it's awesome in my opinion.

The one thing I do dislike about erotic fiction plays a part here, but I realize the genre requires it. Given that, I still think authors can be erotic without coming up with every term in existence for the sexual organs. I've learned to tune the cruder terms out, and once you do that, this book really does take your breath away.


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