How to Write a Novel In One (Not-So-Easy) Lesson - Jacqueline Diamond

Released August 2011

Jacqueline Diamond

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

If you need a guide to help you get started on your novel, you cannot go wrong with Jacqueline Diamond's How to Write a Novel In One (Not-So-Easy) Lesson. First, the $2.99 price is more than reasonable, it's actually very, very inexpensive. For many readers, that's the price of the cup of coffee you get while scouring shelves for a book or two. Second, it's one of the warmest, most conversational writing guides I've ever seen.

If you don't know Jackie's work, let me attest that she has written dozens of novels in a variety of genres from category romances to paranormal and mystery to non-fiction. She has a way with creating characters that feel like friends. It's very rare that I don't fall in love with her heroes or want to be buddies with her heroines. She also teaches writing classes, so she is experienced in creating lessons anyone will understand and put to good use.

In How to Write a Novel in One (Not-So-Easy) Lesson, she clearly demonstrates exactly what you need to do to build a plot, create conflict and make your characters likable. It's not a long book, just over 50 pages, so it's not something you'll need to read for weeks. It's designed to get help you hone your skills and come up with a book that delights readers. In a nutshell, I highly recommend purchasing this very helpful writing guide.


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