1105 Yakima Street - Debbie Macomber

Released September 2011

Debbie Macomber

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Debbie Macomber's latest Cedar Cove novel catches readers up with a few characters from previous entries. There's actually a few different stories going on in 1105 Yakima Street, but after a few chapters, I had no problem keeping track of the different plots. There's also a summary of the characters and relationships in the opening of the book to offer some guidance along the way. I've read some of the Cedar Cove series, but not all of it, so I relied heavily on that summary.

Things start off with Rachel Peyton leaving her husband Bruce and her step-daughter behind. Rachel's pregnant and Jolene's animosity and Bruce's unwillingness to take action have caused Rachel unneeded stress. Her blood pressure puts the baby at risk, so walking away is the best thing for Rachel and her unborn child. Bruce isn't quite as willing to let go, but Jolene is thrilled that she's won.

Olivia and her brother Will face a difficult choice when their mother forgets she's cooking a meal and the resulting fire destroys her kitchen. They realize she and her husband both need to be in an assisted living home, but convincing the couple of this will take some effort. Meanwhile, Will's ex-flame is getting married putting him in a bad mood and everyone knows that the perfect woman for Will is right in front of him, only he's too blind to see it.

Linc and Lori have their own issues. Lori's dad is sabotaging Linc's new business and continues to keep sabotaging things unless Lori comes to her senses and leaves him. Cut off from the family fortune, Lori and Linc must move to a smaller, less expensive home and cut all ties to Lori's family.

These are only a handful of the stories occurring within 1105 Yakima Street. Every character from past stories makes an appearance and has some kind of challenge to overcome. The writing is light with just the right amount of tension. Things set up nicely for the remaining book in this series set during Christmas. This second-to-last book is a fun summer read and one I am sure Debbie Macomber fans will love.


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