Quick-Fix Vegan - Robin Robertson

Released October 2011

Robin Robertson
Andrews McMeel

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Owner of the site Global Vegan Kitchen, Robin Roberston's latest cookbook introduces quick and easy vegan recipes. You don't have to be vegan or vegetarian to appreciate the recipes within Quick-Fix Vegan, there are great side dishes, starters and main entrees found within.

As soon as I started reviewing the book, I knew I had to make the homemade vegetable stock. The recipe is simple, made with things I always have on hand, and was something I could make in the Crock Pot. Once done, I let it cool and put it into freezer containers. It's a great reward for just a few minutes work. Cooking the stock is the only thing that takes time and for the bulk of that time, you leave it alone to simmer.

I also rushed out to get the ingredients for the Oriental cold noodles that make a delicious peanut butter/hoisin sauce and then add broccoli and sauteed tofu. Because I'd made a tofu-chocolate pie earlier in the week, (Check out Alton Brown's Moo-less Chocolate Pie, swap the honey for agave nectar and you have a vegan-friendly version) I omitted the sauteed tofu. Everyone in the house loved this salad, so I highly recommend it.

I'm definitely not vegan or vegetarian, however our teen daughter dabbles in vegetarianism, so once or twice a week, I do strictly vegetarian meals. If she ever wants to go all the way, that will be fine, but for now, she does love boneless chicken and a variety of seafood. She loves soy, but I limit her intake of soy milk, tofu and soy beans. I know a vegan. She'd been vegan since her teen years and lived on essentially on soy-based cheeses, soy burgers, tofu and soy beans.  In her 30s, she learned she had breast cancer. There was no family history of breast cancer and her doctor then asked how much soy she consumes. In her case, it was with virtually every meal, and the phytoestrogens in soy mimic estrogen. I definitely advise that you talk to a nutritionist or your doctor to determine how much soy is too much. 

Overall, if you're vegan, vegetarian or simply love cookbooks, I think Quick-Fix Vegan is a must-have!


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