Man From Tennessee - Jennifer Greene

Released June 2011 (Reissue)

Jennifer Greene
Carina Press

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Man From Tennessee is not a new book. It was originally released in 1983 under the pseudonym Alison Hart. It's been reissued in e-book format by Jennifer Greene. At $4.49, you can't go wrong with these series romance reissues.

Five years ago, Kern married Trisha in a hurry and brought her to his country home. She never felt that she fit in and eventually fled her marriage and the country life. Jump forward five years and Trisha is stuck returning to Tennessee with Kern's mother in tow. Seems Kern's been injured in an accident and needs his mom. The kicker is that Kern and Trisha never divorced and the feelings they have are just as real now as they were then.

I usually love Jennifer Greene's romances, but Man From Tennessee just didn't appeal to me. Trisha was too combative and for whatever reason, even after she abandoned him, Kern kept holding on to hope. After five years, I would think he would have some bitterness, yet nothing phases him. Meanwhile, Trisha keeps trying to dodge both Kern and her feelings for him. If she hasn't filed for divorce in five years, you'd think she would have been a little smarter about knowing there had to be a reason for her reluctance. The story became a bit of a cat and mouse game with Kern continually trying and Trisha continually running away.

Because the story costs just over $4, I'd still recommend it, especially to Jennifer Greene fans. It's definitely not one of my favorite stories, but towards the ending, I did find myself enjoying the outcome.


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