The Legacy - Katherine Webb

Released August 30, 2011

Katherine Webb

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

The Legacy is a gripping story that kept me hooked from start to finish. This is unusual for me because I usually grow tired of stories that frequently switch from past to present and back. The story begins more than a century earlier with a young, desperate woman leaving her baby where she knows a group of gypsies will take him in. This starts the basis for a long hidden secret that changes the lives of many women.

Erica and Beth Calcott return to Storton Manor for the first time since their eleven-year-old cousin Henry vanished. Erica was eight at the time and remembers little about that day, but she knows it changed their family's lives forever. After their very cruel grandmother dies, Erica and Beth inherit the estate and spend the holidays there to decide what to do with the house neither of them want. At the same time, Erica hopes facing the past might be what it takes to get her sister to overcome the depression that led to a suicide attempt. Erica is certain that Beth's depression goes back to Henry's disappearance.

The story winds between Erica and Beth in the present day and their great-grandmother in the early 1900s. Readers are privy to information that Erica is trying to unravel. As there are really two stories at play, I found myself reading eagerly to find out what happened in each era. I was fascinated with the hardships each woman faced and by the end of the story wished it would keep going.

The Legacy was released in the U.K. in 2010, but it's being made available to U.S. readers. It's a fascinating story that will keep many readers up into the wee hours.


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