Count Down to Love - Julie Ford

Released July 2011

Julie N. Ford
Cedar Fort

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

When her fiance fails to show up for their lavish wedding, Kelly Grace Pickens is both heartbroken and desperate. She now has a huge bill to pay and Kelly Grace knows her career as a songwriter/country star is in the toilet since her fiance also happened to be her business manager. In a moment of desperation, Kelly agrees to fill in as one of the bachelorettes on her cousin's reality TV show.

Kelly is out of her league on Count Down to Love. She's simply there to make money fast to pay off her wedding debts. She never expects to be drawn to the bachelor or get caught up in the competition. But now that she has, can she keep Dillon or will her past heartbreak keep her from readily giving her heart away?

Count Down to Love is a gentle romance with great chemistry between Dillon and Kelly. This is a Christian romance so don't expect steamy sex scenes because you simply won't find them here. Kelly's virtues actually made the book more appealing in my opinion. Having her ditch conventions and the typical antics of reality stars was a refreshing change of pace. The other bachelorettes are realistic in terms of the types of women you do see on reality TV. I still think all reality shows have ruined the television and loved that Kelly continually ignored the producers cries for more drama and more heat. I wish that happened more.

I can't say this was my favorite romance of all times, but it was enjoyable. It's not a book that would make it to my keeper shelf, but it is a book that I think is suitable of a trip to the pool or beach for a couple hours of entertainment.


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