Witches of East End - Melissa De La Cruz

Released June 21, 2011

Melissa De La Cruz

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Quite simply, I'll just say wow! Melissa De La Cruz's entry into adult fiction proves she's going to give many paranormal authors a run for their money. The very first sentence, it's extremely long, struck me as being rather Dickens-ish. For those who find Dickens to be overly verbose and dull, De La Cruz is none of that, her writing is vibrant, exciting, and just doesn't let go.
Joanna Beauchamp is delighted her daughters have returned. Freya is sexy, self-assured, and knows what she wants from life and excels at her job in a local bar, while Ingrid is quieter, professional and loves her work at the town library. What the public doesn't know is that the Beauchamp women are witches.

During the Salem Witch trials, the three were saved by the Council but banished from every using magic again. Unfortunately, circumstances have pushed Freya and Ingrid to cast spells once more. When they do so without any repercussions, Joanna joins in. Freya creates a menu of love potions that helps save marriages and bring couples together. Ingrid uses her powers to help a co-worker who struggles with infertility. Joanna returns a man from death.

All is not well in North Hampton. A mysterious force is causing birds to die, people to become very sick, and others to act unlike themselves. When a local woman disappears, followed by the disappearance of the mayor, the Beauchamp women must figure out what is going on. This isn't easy because people in town are beginning to think the Beauchamps are behind the rash of disappearances and misdoings in town and the police are starting to join in on those suspicions. Joanna, Freya, and Ingrid fear the events at Salem are about to repeat.

Witches of East End is a magnificent summer read. Norse mythology helps shape part of this story with Loki and Balder playing a key role. My mythology is rusty, but the author does summarize the myth briefly. Those who want more depth will find a good article about Loki and Balder at About.


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