The Ultimate Journey - Jim Stovall

Released June 2011

Jim Stovall
David C Cook Publishing

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Years ago, I found myself glued to a movie titled The Ultimate Gift. Since that time, The Ultimate Gift has become a favorite movie that I've watched numerous times. It stars Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), James Garner, and Drew Fuller. If you haven't seen it, it's a tearjerker but well worth every minute.

Apparently, The Ultimate Journey is the third part in the Ultimate trilogy. I missed The Ultimate Life (The Ultimate Series #2) along the way. In this third story, Jim Stovall's characters Jason and Alexia are married and heading off on their honeymoon. Along the drive, their limo driver joins them in reminiscing about Red Stevens.

For those unfamiliar with Jim Stovall's series, Jason is a spoiled jerk quite honestly. When his grandfather dies, Jason and assorted family members expect to inherit Red's fortune. Jason learns he will inherit plenty but only after passing a number of criteria. The spoiled Jason soon meets Alexia and her ailing daughter. Through them, he learns the true meaning of giving freely. This sets up the series.

In The Ultimate Journey, Jason and Alexia start to learn that life isn't about reaching a destination but in voyage that brings you there. Much of Red's past is brought up and it's full of ups and downs. Readers really get to know the younger Red and the trials he faced before his death. I won't say I liked it better than The Ultimate Gift because that story has a place in my heart. It's still a nice change of pace that's uplifting and definitely gives the reader food for thought.


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