Tender Loving Care - Jennifer Greene

Released April 2011

Carina Press
Jennifer Greene

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Tender Loving Care isn't a new book. Originally released in 1987 by Berkley Publishing under the name Alison Hart, the story does, at times, feel dated. Not that this is a bad thing, but the reader clearly sees the changes that have occurred in over the past two decades, particularly in terms of parenting styles.

When Zoe Anderson learns her best friend is dead, she's shocked, saddened. However, she has her godchildren to focus on. The four-year-old twins have been left in the care of her and Rafe Kirkland. It's been years since she's seen Rafe, but the spark is still there. Together, the pair must figure out what to do with two boys who do not fit in their busy work schedules, but who they can't send off to foster care either.

Soon a plan is hatched. Zoe will spend a few weeks at Rafe's Montana home caring for the boys while Rafe works. When that time period is up, they'll move to Zoe's Washington home and Rafe will stay home with the boys while Zoe goes to work. This will help them decide who is best equipped to become the boys' guardian.

Tender Loving Care is a sweet romance. It's just over 120 pages, so it takes little time to read. Fans of the shorter series romances from Harlequin or Silhouette will adore this look at Jennifer Greene's earlier work.


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