Sweet Possession - Maya Banks

Released April 2011

Maya Banks

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

It's no secret that I find erotic romances to be hit or miss. Some focus too much on the sexual aspect and ignore the plot. Maya Banks excels in this genre. She's my favorite erotic romance author and deserves every moment in the spotlight. Her stories are all about the plot and the erotic relationships come secondary making the stories the perfect blend of story and passion.

Someone is threatening Lyric Jones and her producer wants her safe. The pop star diva isn't easy to work with, she's opinionated, brazen, and has the attitude of ten princesses rolled into one. Connor Malone is not thrilled to be assigned as her bodyguard, but his father isn't about to take no for an answer.

After meeting Lyric, Connor can't help but admit there's an attraction, but he doesn't want a pampered princess in his life. Meanwhile, Lyric has never had a man treat her with disdain and she's not liking it. As sparks fly, Lyric starts to show a side of her that only serves to heighten Connor's attraction. Connor knows he can't take his eye off her security detail, so keeping his mind and hands off Lyric proves harder than he expects.

In terms of Lyric, I had to say there's a touch of all the pop divas rolled into one. Yet, I really found her character to be completely likeable. As she gets to know the men and women in Connor's life, many who have had their own story, Lyric becomes one of my favorite characters of all time. Connor's an alpha-male but his interactions with the women in his life definitely add a lighthearted feel. All in all, if you enjoy erotic romance, this is one of the best books of the year.


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