The Protector - Shelley Shepard Gray

Released July 2011

Avon Inspire
Shelley Shepard Gray

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

After her mother's death, Elle must sell the family farm. Her friend, Dorothy, offers to let Elle rent the other half of her townhouse and helps Elle land a job at the local library. Elle's thankful for her friend's help, but Dorothy's possessive nature is starting to concern Elle.

Loyal bought Elle's family farm and is proud of the work he's done restoring it. He's happy to show off his hard work to Elle and finds himself falling for her. However, the closer he and Elle become, the more determined Dorothy is to put an end to their friendship.

I missed The Caregiver: Families of Honor, Book One so I had to take time to get to know the characters. Elle's determination is impressive because Dorothy is just about as evil as they come. She's a real witch in this book and her character was not one I enjoyed.

I can't say this is my favorite Amish romance over the years, but it's enjoyable. I still think I preferred Shelley Shepard Gray's Seasons of Sugarcreek though. Given that, I'm wondering if it's the fact that I missed book one that doesn't make it stand out for me.


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