One Night, Two Heirs - Maureen Child

Released July 2011

Maureen Child

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Sadie Price kept a secret from Rick Pruitt for close to three years. Both Sadie and Rick's mother felt he'd be better off fighting a war if he didn't know he had twin daughters at home.

When Rick returns to Texas and finds out he has daughters, he's furious and wants Sadie to marry him. The problem is that Sadie refuses to marry for anything short of love and Rick's duty to his daughters isn't enough. Meanwhile, Rick isn't willing to fall in love but wants to prove to Sadie that love isn't the only thing that can keep a marriage from failing. It's a battle of wills between the pair.

One Night, Two Heirs is a quick summer read. I didn't find that the character's relationship was that sizzling. Rick's reasons against love were, quite frankly, pathetic, just as Sadie's anti-marriage reasoning was lame.  For two people who came off as being intelligent, I didn't buy their justification at all.

I'd love to say that One Night, Two Heirs blew me away, but it honestly wasn't my favorite Maureen Child romance. I loved the Fiends series involving Cassidy Burke and have enjoyed many of her series romances, so I was expecting to love her latest work. It wasn't a lousy read, but it wasn't one that made me say “Wow!” either. It was merely okay.


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