5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Son - Vicki Courtney

Released June 2011

Vicki Courtney

Just a note that if you're looking for a guide to parenting boys that has a strong religious leaning, Vicki Courtney's new book may suit your needs.

5 Conversations Your Must Have With Your Son tackles subjects that some parents face -- pornography, pre-martial sex, masturbation, and overprotective mothers.  Much of the material and statistics within is quoted from other books and news articles. Overall, I wasn't thrilled with the message that if you're not pushing your son towards God, he's set up for failure. I think back to my friends. One friend stands out because her parents were strongly Catholic and pushed all children into every church class, program, and summer camp provided. If the child disagreed, they were severely punished. As a result, their daughter had sex for the first time at 13 and married an abusive older man at 17. I don't believe that pushing a child towards God is always the best solution.

Given that, it's not a book that I'd keep, but those who have stronger religious beliefs will likely enjoy the message provided.


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