Welcome to Last Chance - Hope Ramsay

Released March 2011


Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

On the run from another troublemaker beau, Jane Coblentz hops on a bus heading to Last Chance, South Carolina. There she's welcomed into the town by an array of locals. However, her attraction to Clay Rhodes is definitely not something she wants or needs. She just wants to hide out and try to move on with her life, a life that's proven she's good at picking the wrong man.

Clay Rhodes is back in Last Chance to mend a broken heart. The last thing he needs is a woman obviously hiding something. His mother, owner of the Cut 'n' Curl salon, has other ideas.

Welcome to Last Chance is the first in a series about the Rhodes family. My understanding is that the books will each feature one of the three brothers, though I wonder if their sister will also get her story.

As for the story itself, I'm on the fence. I liked the small town. It felt homey and drew me in. Clay seemed like an idiot quite honestly. I don't want to give away spoilers, but he seems to lack a backbone and that bugged me. Jane's secret past also seemed a little over the top. When it reaches the climax, I really had found myself so disillusioned with events that I simply no longer cared.

Given that, I would like to return to the town of Last Chance. I liked the characters, but simply felt too much happened in the one story that it become tiresome. With a little less conflict tossed together, Welcome to Last Chance would have been a huge hit with me.


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