A Texan's Promise - Shelley Gray

Released October 2011


Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

After her father died and her mother remarried, Vanessa Grant never dreamed she'd be unsafe. When her stepfather attacks her, Vanessa runs off to the barn. That's where Clayton Proffitt, Circle Z's foreman, finds her. When he hears her story, he knows he must take her as far away from the ranch as possible. Her wounds, both physical and mental, will never heal if she stays near her stepfather.

Clayton heads off to his sister's ranch with Vanessa in tow. When a friend announces that the best way to keep Vanessa safe is by marrying her, Clayton and Vanessa decide to marry. That may not keep her stepfather from hunting them down, but it offers Vanessa a level of protection because she now belongs to Clayton. With God's help, the pair may turn this tragic event into the basis for a long, happy marriage.

I've always loved historical western romances. A Texan's Promise is a great read. The story starts out with a bang and the tension rarely eases. Vanessa and Clayton both have their demons and watching them grow closer as a couple keeps the reader hooked.

A Texan's Promise also sets the stage for the Heart of a Hero series. I'm hoping Clayton's brother gets his own story, as well as Vanessa's brother. By the end of the novel, I was sad that my time with the couple had ended. I'd love to read more about the families and their trials as they try to find their way in the Old West.


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