Sweets to the Sweet - Jennifer Greene

Released May 2011


Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

New mom Laura Anderson is on her way to the doctors to hopefully find answers. Her newborn screams constantly and Laura's convinced there's something horribly wrong. Distracted, Laura ends up running into a classic Austin-Healey.

Owen Reesling is instantly attracted to the single mom. Determined to be part of her life, Owen starts wooing her with chocolates from his company, as well as a helping hand with the baby. However, Laura's fear of entering another relationship has her pushing Owen away. Can he help her overcome her fears and take a chance on love?

Sweets to the Sweet was previously published under the name Jeanne Grant. Carina Press is reissuing Jennifer Greene's older titles as e-books. This isn't a long read, it's actually a little over 120 pages, yet the story is solid and never seems rushed.

If you enjoy series romances, Sweets to the Sweet pits a determined man against a hesitant woman. It's a fun story with the right amount of passion and a hero who definitely makes you wish there were more of him to go around.


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