Original Sin: A Sally Sin Adventure - Beth McMullen

Released July 2011


Years ago, I read a book series revolving around a stay-home mom who turned detective, but after a while the series grew stale and I gave up. I'm delighted with Beth McMullen's new novel. I hope she can keep this series going because it's a winner.

Original Sin introduces Lucy Hamilton. She's a busy mom to a typical three-year-old son. Her husband's a successful businessman, working to save the environment. Lucy's days are spent cleaning applesauce off walls and playing Matchbox cars, heading to the park or hitting the beach.  None of her current social circle know of Lucy's former life as a spy for United States Agency for Weapons of Mass Destruction. As a former spy, Lucy is extremely protective of her son and generally trusts no one.

After learning the enemy she thought was dead is very much alive and in San Francisco, Lucy's defensive mode kicks into overdrive. This time, her own life isn't the only thing she's worried about. She has a son and husband to protect.

Original Sin does bounce back and forth from past to present. As the story develops, the reader learns about Lucy's dealings with Ian Blackford and just how dangerous he truly is. Action towards the end of the book becomes non-stop and keeps readers on the edge of their seat.

As a stay-home mom, I found myself sympathizing with Lucy's character, particularly on the "mommy" front. I've spent just as many hours making forts, playing little cars and chasing kids around the yard. Being able to connect to the character that acutely was a nice change of pace. Plus, I think any mom can vouch that if your child is threatened, the Mama Bear does make a ferocious appearance. Add in nifty spy moves and it created a very enjoyable change of pace. For an exciting read, I definitely recommend Original Sin. I can't wait for the next novel.


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