I Used to Know That Shakespeare - Liz Evers

Released May 2011


Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Are you studying Shakespeare in school or simply love his works? I Used To Know That Shakespeare is a must-have! I hated Shakespeare with a passion in high school, now I don't actually mind his plays. My biggest issue back then was the language. Teachers expected us to get it without issue, and I never did. Cliff Notes were my saving grace back then.

I Used To Know That Shakespeare breaks it all down into easy-to-understand summaries. The book starts with a biography of Shakespeare. It delves into all of his plays and sonnets, giving a summary that makes it simple to understand exactly what's going on. There's also a listing of key players and important quotes.

While this book won't help you pass intricate exams on Shakespeare's works, it does break the story down so that you know exactly what is going on. The author's easy-to-follow guide is written in a very user-friendly style that draws you into the book. When you've finished, you'll understand the basics and be prepared to read his plays or sonnets without fear.


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