I Used to Know That: Civil War - Fred DuBose

Released April 2011

RD Trade Publishing

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

I Used to Know That: Civil War offers a detailed look into facts regarding the Civil War. The book begins with the Antebellum Period and continues to the Civil War and the Reconstruction. Not only do you get a who's who of key figures, but you also get a glimpse into details usually skipped in history books, such as the types of clothing worn by certain people.

I hated history in school. It wasn't until I started reading books voraciously that I found myself fascinated with the past, the Civil War being a favorite time period. Reading I Used to Know That: Civil War helped me understand the events leading up to the war and the affects of the war and the country following the war. This really is a useful guide that students and adults alike will both enjoy and walk away having learned a lot.


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