Blindsighted Karin Slaughter

Released June 2011

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Dr. Sara Linton splits her days as a pediatrician and working as Grant County's coroner. She's forced to work closely with her ex-husband, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver. Running late for lunch with her sister, Sara receives a cryptic postcard that brings back memories she'd like to forget. Brushing things aside, she heads to the local diner. There she stumbles upon a local professor named Sibyl Adams who's been raped and butchered. Sibyl dies in Sara's arms.

Sibyl's twin sister Lena happens to be a police officer. Despite his reservations, Jeffrey allows her to work the case under his supervision. When a second victim is found on Sara's car, they realize they're working with a serial killer who will stop at nothing.

I read lots of mysteries and love to try to guess the killer's identity before it's revealed. About half way through Blindsighted, I had the killer nailed. I admit I didn't know why at that point, but I did know who. Despite this, I was glued to the pages. I'm a fan of Kathy Reich's Temperance Brennan. I used to read Patricia Cornwell until she killed off a character I adored. I'm addicted to the show Bones, once I got past the huge difference between TV Bones and book Bones. Another guilty pleasure is the Canadian show DaVinci's Inquest. With that in mind, Karin Slaughter blew them out the water.

The sexual tension between Sara and Jeffrey is perfect. Sara hides a secret that the reader learns a ways into the book. This helps put the end of their marriage into perspective. I adored Sara's parents who couldn't be more supportive of her. Lena's a little tougher, but she has just lost her twin and takes it very personally. It's clear that Lena's going to face some challenges because her character is slightly combative.

I have three more Karin Slaughter books waiting in my pile and they're moving to the top. I don't want to wait to see what happens next!


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