We All Fall Down - Nic Scheff

Released April 2011


Nic Sheff follows up his memoir Tweak with We All Fall Down. I never read Tweak. Not that I really needed to. We All Fall Down captures his battle against drug addiction with brutal honesty.

The memoir covers Nic's dependency on women, drugs, and even alcohol.  I won't say I always agree with him. I never used drugs and would never abuse alcohol. I watched my alcoholic aunt pass away. I've never understood how someone can spiral so hard. Nic does delve into things and eventually a fact comes to light that clarifies a lot for me.

Quite honestly, I became enraged reading certain parts of this second memoir. He's in a counseling session and has a panic attack. If his account of the event is accurate, it sounds very much like she blamed him for having the attack saying that it was basically an avoidance technique. I've had panic attacks. I have absolutely no respect for the way she handled it. Panic attacks are very real and after years of visits to the doctor, one thing they found is there is a genetic link between all the women in my mother's side of the family. Given that, one doctor put me on birth control pills to see if there was a hormonal trigger. Sure enough, that ended them. Now that we know, life has improved drastically without medications.

Nic's had a hard life. He's made bad choices, but it's clear he is working to improve himself. I don't know how things are today, but I do hope he's continuing to grow. The book is released for teens, but I definitely think that there are many lessons for adults too.


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