A Turn in the Road - Debbie Macomber

Released May 2011


Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Six years ago, Bethanne's husband walked away from her, their children, and their 20-year marriage for a younger woman. Bethanne pushed aside the shock realizing she needed to pay the bills. As a result, her party-planning business took off. Now, that their son is about to marry, Grant's back. His wife's left him and he realizes he still loves Bethanne. Their 22-year-old daughter Annie is delighted and wants to see them make a go of it. Bethanne's son is not as thrilled to have dad waltzing back into their lives.

Faced with a painful decision, Bethanne decides to drive across country with her former mother-in-law. Annie soon decides to join them. When they break down, they're forced to rely on a group of bikers. Bethanne feels an instant connection with one, yet she also feels she owes Grant a chance to make things work. All three women have decisions to make and this trip is just the catalyst they need.

I need to start by saying that I hated Annie. That young woman is selfish, manipulative, and everything I hope my daughter never becomes. There were times that I seriously wanted to stop reading just because she made me want to rip my hair out. Her father, Grant, was not much better. Despite the author feeling Grant really grew between A Good Yarn and this novel his sudden turnaround came much to late for me to like him.

Bethanne I did like. I just wish she'd show more grit when it came to her daughter. When she meets Max, the passion between them is obvious. Yet, she's determined to give Grant that chance. That made for tough reading. I actually had to peek at the end to see if it was worth the frustration I had with her indecision.

What is funny is how strong I felt for each character. Debbie Macomber brilliantly executes her characters, and once again I had strong opinions about each. That's what kept me reading. I really needed to see the growth. I have mixed feelings on certain aspects of the plot, particularly Annie's storyline dealing with her own relationship issues. Given her experiences, I'm surprised it took her so long to understand why her mom was torn.

All in all, I did love A Turn in the Road. Sure I found Annie and Grant to be utterly annoying, but in the end, I still had to keep reading. I needed to understand exactly why Bethanne made the choice she did, as well as how things would play out in the end. I'd like to see Annie return in her own book. Maybe let her heart get trampled on a little more before letting her have a happily ever after, I'd love that!


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