The Restorer - Amanda Stevens

Released April 2011

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Amelia Gray sees ghosts, as does her father. She's spent her entire life following her father's rules. Acknowledging the ghost binds them to you and you'll never be free. Despite this, Amelia's career finds her in cemeteries on a regular basis as she cleans and restores old, forgotten graveyards.

Her latest project has her treading dangerous ground. A body's been found in a graveyard she's working on. The murdered woman doesn't belong there and Detective John Devlin feels Amelia's photographs may have the clues he needs to solve the case. When someone breaks into her car, she begins to worry that maybe she saw the murderer without realizing it.

On a more personal front, Amelia's trying hard to hide her attraction to Devlin. He's dark and mysterious and probably the last man she needs. Two spirits are bound to him, and Amelia's uncertain who they are or why they're so protective.

The Restorer is the first in a new series. It is creepy, fascinating, and downright sexy at the same time. Amanda Stevens' novel isn't what I was expecting, there is romance, but it's secondary to the chilling ghost story. It's a great read, one that I'm not sure I'd want to read on my Nook in the dark, but definitely one that fans of Ghost Whisperer or Supernatural will love.


  1. Stevens incorporated strong characters (both primary and secondary), smooth plot lines and twists so staggering, they made you dizzy. The first-person narrative ('cause you know how I love my first-person) was exceptionally well written, the plot was intriguing and it was entirely a heart-palpitating read. Stevens deftly wrapped together all these wonderful components of a novel and just delivered it to our feet with a big ol' bow. GO READ IT NOW.


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