Cowboy, Take Me Away - Kathleen Eagle

Released April 2011

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

After her husband died, Skylar Quinn's spent her time dealing with debt, a step-son who doesn't seem motivated, and a wild horse sanctuary that means the world to her. Her hobby involving photography is equally important, and she'd like it to become more than a hobby. Even, motherhood is in the back of her mind. It's those photographs that lead her to Trace Wolf Track.

During a calf-roping competition, Skylar photographs Trace. She's spent the past year managing the ranch her husband willed to his son. The problem is Skylar's step-son doesn't seem to care. Trace's offer to help her train her mustang in exchange for spending time with him seems like the perfect solution.

Trace is a cowboy and the one person who might help Skylar both on the ranch and with moving on with her life. Before she knows what's happening, Skylar's falling for Trace. Could the carefree cowboy really be the one to help her achieve all her dreams?

Cowboy Take Me Away is packed with steamy encounters. Trace and Skylar's attraction is apparent from the start. There's little in the way of surprise, yet that didn't stop me from needing to read every detail. I was rooting for their relationship to progress. As this is a series romance, it's a quick read, but one that is very satisfying.


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