Someone's Watching - Sharon Potts

Released February 2011

Robbie Ivy is shocked when her estranged father returns. She hasn't seen him in decades. In fact, she's resented him for many years for abandoning both Robbie and her mother. Her mother's since passed on, but Robbie's not about to forgive and forget. Then he drops a bombshell. Robbie has a half-sister and Kate is missing.

Despite her feelings for her father, Robbie cannot turn her back on a sister she's never met. When the friend Kate was with turns up dead, Robbie fears she may be too late. She dives into the disappearance not knowing if she'll ever have the chance to meet her younger sister.

This is the first Sharon Potts novel for me. I'm guessing from the storyline and characters that Robbie and her friend Jeremy appeared in a previous novel. After looking it up, I found I was right. They were characters in In Their Blood: A Novel. Given that I missed their introduction, I was still able to follow along, though I think I need to go back and experience the pair from the start.

As for the mystery in Someone's Watching, I can't say this is my favorite mystery of all time. There were aspects I didn't see as being highly realistic. Every bartender I've ever known has been very good at reading people. Yet, it seems that Robbie has a very hard time realizing that her boyfriend is nothing but bad news. After the first "meeting" with him, I knew he was a jerk. I started to wonder if I maybe missed a bit into her character's flaws by missing the first novel. While I still enjoyed the story, I just didn't love it as much as I'd hoped.


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