Grilled Cheese Please - Laura Werlin (Cookbook)

Released March 2011

On a cold fall or winter day, who doesn't love the idea of a steaming bowl of soup and a hearty grilled cheese sandwich? I know grilled cheese is a family favorite.

With Grilled Cheese Please, Laura Werlin offers up dozens of delightful grilled cheese sandwich recipes. Long gone are the days of a couple pieces of bread with a slice of bland American cheese in between. Instead, you're treated to a variety of hearty sandwiches, some with meats or veggies added to the mix.

Grilled Cheese Please opens with a description of the different breads and cheeses that you can incorporate into a grilled cheese sandwich or panini. Then it dives into delicious recipes. Start with the easy-to-make Spinach, Egg & Manchego or one of my all-time favorites, Welsh Rarebit. (And kudos to the author for not caving into the "Welsh Rabbit" that so many American cookbooks call it.) For those unfamiliar with this British staple--my Mom's English, so this was a childhood favorite--take English cheddar, beer and mustard and you get a hearty, extremely delicious treat. The recipe for Welsh Rarebit adds bacon and tomato, but when I'm in England, my aunts usually add caramelized onions and keep it vegetarian friendly.

Other recipes include the Cuban, the Jalapeno Popper and another of my favorites, the Monte Cristo. I'm curious on the Monte Cristo recipe she includes. She serves her sandwich with strawberry jam. Maybe it's regional, but every Monte Cristo I've ever had is served with a side of maple syrup.

Either way, if you are ready for a cookbook devoted to cheese sandwiches, this is a great addition to your library. Never again will you have to endure boring grilled cheese sandwiches. You'll have a huge selection of delectable sandwiches for every day of the week.


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