All for One - Melody Carlson

Released March 2011

The third book in Melody Carlson's Four Lindas Series continues each friend's story. For those new to the series, the Four Lindas all share the same first name but use their middle names instead.

Abby is fretting over her husband following his heart attack. She's not sleeping and has pushed off plans for her bed and breakfast. Everyone knows she's about to crash and burn and they want to help rescue her before she burns out.

Attorney Janie, a widow, seems happy with her significant other and her office in the basement of Abby's bed and breakfast is coming along. Just when her life seems to be on an upswing, the ex-wife of her new beau comes to town determined to win her ex-husband back.

Caroline wrestles with the decision to put her mother in a nursing home. Her mother's reached the final stages of Alzheimers, but Caroline can't imagine being uprooted from the only place you've ever lived at this critical time in your life. When Caroline's unscrupulous brother returns to town years, she's not truly prepared for the battle that lies ahead.

Marley is happy with her beau and his charming granddaughter. However, something's up with Marley's grown son. She can't be happy knowing something is wrong in his life.

Each chapter continues the story of each woman. New challenges await and old habits appear to die hard. I found All for One really advanced their characters. I was surprised a little by Caroline's weaknesses in certain areas. I wish in the face of adversity that she'd grown a little bolder. I think it's Janie that I really liked best in this book because she definitely showed some guts on more than one occasion.

Without giving away any spoilers, I think readers will be surprised by events as they unfold. It's November as I write this review and I admit I do wish this book was being released right now. Set around Thanksgiving, I think it would make an outstanding story for the holidays.


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