Save the Date - Jenny B. Jones

Released February 2011

Former NFL star Alex Sinclair needs a fiancee. He's running for congress, but his reputation as a playboy is keeping voters away. Lucy Wiltshire desperately needs funding for Saving Grace. Saving Grace is a home for girls too old for the foster care system, but who lack the job skills and education to make it on their own. When she learns an expected donation isn't happening, she fears she'll have to give up on her dreams.

Alex realizes Lucy may be the answer to his troubles. She's suitable "wife" material. If she agrees to a faux engagement, he'll fund her charity. What neither realizes is breaking off the engagement after elections isn't going to be easy.

Save the Date is a charming, gentle romance. It is a Christian romance, but I bet secular readers will find it just as enjoyable. It's never preachy. Lucy has plenty of spunk. I'm not sure I liked the inclusion of her former boyfriend -- he announced his plans to take a job out of state on the night she thought he would propose. He returns years later. I felt he was little more than an annoyance quite honestly.

There are minor characters that I found to be amusing. One of the elite community members turns out to have a special connection to Lucy. As the book opened, I really loathed this older woman. She was nothing but rude to Lucy at the party where readers first "meet" her. As the reader gets to know this older woman, she becomes endearing. I also really enjoyed her male assistant, though he is very flamboyant.

All in all, I enjoyed Save the Date. It's laced with humor while the blossoming romance takes center stage.


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